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Pet Memorial & Mortuary Arts Services

At the Insect Asylum, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to preserve, memorialize, and honor their beloved animals however they choose. To this end, we offer a myriad of memorial services to preserve and celebrate your dearly departed companions.


If you do not see a specific preservation style on this list, please reach out to us and we can discuss your project. We offer many different preservation options through our partnerships.

Pet Memorial Services 

In-museum euthanasia : With Lap of Love - prices vary

Deceased animal freezer storage: $30/ month 

Traditional Cremation (Uses gas to vaporize the body which leaves skeletal remains that are then rendered to grainy, sand gray colored material.)
Due to animal size variance: Price begins at $400 and varies by weight

Green Cremation (Renders the soft tissues of the body to a fertilizer fluid. Leaves the bones intact.

Water+Salts= Lye. The bones can be further rendered to a talcum powder-type consistency. Leaves 20% more powder volume than traditional cremation)
Due to animal size variance: Pricing begins at $450

Wet specimen preservation:

Heart- $180

Snake full body $230-430

Small mammal, 6 inches or smaller $180-230

Large mammal: tbd on size

Mummification preservation:

Heart- $280

Paw: (see below)

Tail: $330

Bone Cleaning

Skull-$380 cats / $480 dogs 

Full animal TBD depending on size.

Hard Tan

No face or paws-Pelt

  •  Cat or Large Rabbit size- $280, 

  • dog $330-580 depending upon size 

Face and Paws Pelt- 

  • Cat or Large Rabbit size- $430,

  •  dog $630-880 depending upon size 

Soft Tan

Smaller pelts-$430

Larger pelts TBD depending on size. 


  • $380 with minimalist end cap 

  • $480 with decorative end cap and embellishment.



Mummification with end cap and embellishment-$380

Mummification with minimalist end cap: $330
Plain Mummification with no end cap: $300

Cat Teeth-$280 

Dog teeth $380

Cat Claw-  $230

Dog claws:$230

Shaved Fur- Free with purchase of other service, $45 without purchase of other service it will come inside a plastic bag in a nice cloth jewelry holder.

Feathers- 5 feathers ($55) whole body 200+ depending on size 

Fur- braids: $45 per (0-6inches) +$2 per inch after that.

Whisker retrieval $45

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