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A Non-Profit Vintage Taxidermy & Insect Museum

We Received a Grant!

We're thrilled to announce our initiative to create a rooftop garden at The Insect Asylum, providing much-needed green space to support our educational and conservation efforts. This project, in collaboration with AGA and FPL, will host our native insect program, garden initiatives, and outdoor educational events. Undertaking this endeavor involves considerable effort, requiring both funds and ingenuity to redesign our space. The grant we secured operates on a reimbursement basis, necessitating self-funding with the city of Chicago reimbursing us upon project completion. To bring this vision to life, we seek your support through monetary contributions, material donations, and volunteer assistance. Together, let's cultivate a greener, more vibrant community space. Your assistance will make a significant impact on our journey towards creating a thriving rooftop oasis.

Education at the Asylum

The Insect Asylum is committed to providing a unique and immersive educational experience that fosters an appreciation for animals and the natural world. As an institution that values art, we believe that taxidermy and entomology are important practices. By combining education and art, we aim to inspire curiosity and respect for nature in everyone.

Services and Events

We are available for event rentals, educational experiences, commissions, mortuary art services, partnerships, art opportunities and much more. As a non-profit museum, all of our proceeds go towards supporting our mission to educate and inspire our visitors and community. 

Upcoming Events

Essential Items

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